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September 21, 2013 @ 10:55 am

Episode 65, Andrew Thaler, Unemployed Oceanaut

Not too much to say about this one ahead of time, except that I have this ongoing and totally unscientific obsession with the idea of using fiber optic cables to transmit light to bubble cities on the ocean floor, so they can grow food.  

Floating cities seem to be closer to reality by 2020 than the sunken-bubble kind.  The one featured in the article takes the opposite approach, pumping sediment up from the ocean floor to generate plankton blooms and feed fish.  ADT's residents of the Fleet would love that; I wonder if it would work?  Maybe he will leave us a comment...

Favorite quote: "Job hunting is kind of a full time job."  Oh, believe me, I remember.

ADT's novel, Fleet
ADT's Nature Futures zombie apocalypse story "The Lucky Ones" featuring a neat twist on the concept, more of a zombie holocaust, really
ADT's blog, Southern Fried Science
ADT's professional web page

In case you're not already a Browncoat for charity.
Watch Firefly for free on Hulu

Battlestar Galactica (all versions) on Wikipedia

Most Americans believe crime is getting worse, not better, from Gallup 2011

SeaLab 2020 on Wikipedia
You can get the flavor from the opening theme
Cartoon Netwok's parody SeaLab 2021, which was the opposite -- not a dystopia, just bitter and cynical

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